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Nonprofits focus on collaboration to meet heightened demand for services MiBiz Nonprofit leaders see great hope building organizational capacities through sharing administrative functions, such as evaluation, fundraising, executive staff and…

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Challenge Gift Drives and Corporate Matching Gifts
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Someone in your fundraising department realizes that now is a terrific opportunity to encourage giving by others.

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ClarityAbout 3 weeks ago. I got CLEAR! It’s a little scary folks because I’ve been running a “consulting business” since 2001, to NOW be getting CLARITY about who I am, what my business is, and with whom I want to do business with can cause clients, future and past to scratch their heads. But regardless of what anyone believes — I think I’ve finally figured it out. But with clarity comes sacrifice and I can be sure I will loose a few things along the way–to getting even more clear. 3 SACRIFICES I MAY HAVE TO MAKE:

  • Sacrifice #1: I will loose potential clients | I loose potential clients, for the time being, because I NOW have clarity about who I want to do business with so that eliminates a whole lot of opportunities I may have pursued just because there was revenue tied to it.
  • Sacrifice#2: I will probably loose friends | I will have to sacrifice friends because I need to surround myself with people who can understand my unreasonable sense of fulfilling my dreams, even when it doesn’t match their level of belief or logic. Continue Reading…

Linkedin Use2Today I decided to do something very interesting. I took a stroll (one-by-one) through my LinkedIn Connects. It’s amazing what you can learn about how you’re currently using LinkedIn, and it makes you think about your strategy for using other social media tools for staying connected. I was a bit ashamed because I once prided myself on not connecting with people I didn’t really know (not to be mean or anything) because I didn’t see how that would be helpful for others who may be wanting to connect with a LinkedIn Connect of mine.

In other words, how can I really be a catalyst for helping YOU get connected with someone you REALLY need to connect with when I had no influence with that person whatsoever? It’s tough. Many people talk, and some get paid, to teach you how to “USE” LinkedIn for professional purposes, but it’s never worked for me. It really has just become a place-marker for names of people I claim to know. Continue Reading…

The Better Man Project ™

It’s easy to get a little bit lost these days. You can have all the desire, will, and enthusiasm in the world, but if you lack a clear direct end goal and vision then all of your efforts will resemble an uncontrolled lightning storm. Now, more than ever I need to paint that picture for myself. That feeling of floating goes against every strain in my body that is searching for a magnetic direction to follow. Let’s give it that direction.

Create a new era for yourself. Embark on a journey that you could never really be “ready” for. These paths we walk down when we take our first steps are always treacherous, challenging, but in the end, life changing. The challenging part of most of the path is not finding the courage to take steps forward, but instead fighting the urge to run backwards. Back to safety. Back to…

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I’m going to share the 6th Mindset straight from the book! This one is so good, it doesn’t need altering.

LivetoGiveLive to Give teaches us that abundance in one’s life is a cycle, and so to get love, respect, and financial security we must first learn to give those things. This mindset also teaches that the greatest gift we can ever give is to find and leverage our unique genius to maximize our positive impact on the world, knowing that good things will be returned to us in kind. Woooohoo — that’s powerful. Did you get it? I hope so.

You can start this process by doing some of these things. Like I mentioned, in earlier posts, you can get all the details of the 7Mindsets in the book. So go get yourself a copy.

Stretch Yourself7MindsetsBook

Make a Difference

Receive Gracefully

Leave a Legacy

AttitudeGratitudeI’m grateful for BREATH! I’m grateful for POSSIBILITIES anew! I am grateful for what’s in my hand (what I have) right NOW! I’m grateful for POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS that help me expand and grow! I’m grateful for HEALTH and well being! I’m grateful for the day time and a night time to REST. Why would I choose any other attitude, than the one of Gratitude? You choose.

1. Treasure Yourself

2. Be More Grateful

3. Thank it Forward

4. Elevate Your Perspective ~ People who have achieved great lives point to moments of great adversity and challenge as the time when they learned a critical lesson or build the essential skill that allowed them to be successful. Know that, you can understand why it is important that you seek the positives from all situations, even the ones that seem completely negative. When you do this, you get better, learn, and grow in the essential ways that let you live a richer and fuller life. Come on people…..elevate your perspective!

100AccountableThis month has been, for me, a test of my faith and responsibility for being ACCOUNTABLE for my actions, past, present, and future. I can admit, with transparency, that most of my decisions over the years have not been the best! But what I WILL NOT do is cast BLAME on anyone else or anything for the decisions I made personally — got that lesson during a horrid divorce. Don’t worry I’m not going to talk about that. Good for you (LOL).

Here’s my point, make sure you:

1. Own Your Life 2. Overcome Limiting Beliefs, 3. Focus Your Energy 4. Grow Through Life

Is there anything else YOU NEED? If you have any other suggestions, chime in with your comments here…..let me tell it, THIS COVERS IT!