I’m a BIG fan of Super Soul Sunday and this week’s guest Dr. Brene’ Brown (The Power of Vulnerability) was a sweet reminder that we are so much alike. The thing is, only some of us will TAKE the opportunity to write books about the things that hit us at our core (vulnerability, courage, fear and joy), do the in-depth research or get the nod to be a guest on Oprah’s couch to share infinite wisdom concerning it.

Here’s my point, I’m glad that I’m NOT ALONE in the work to find out the essence of who I really am and that others are being found out, writing about it, and sharing it with us. The whole discussion theme of this week’s show wasn’t foreign to me. I made a valiant proposal this year, to myself, to move forward UNAFRAID because of my own spiritual agitations and quest to– just be bold! I’ve been afraid for a long time. My life has played out in fear – but NO more people. Vulnerability is a beast – ya’ll, but like Dr Brene’ Brown says, “vulnerability is the only way to courage”

Courage: Tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. I think I’m taking this vulnerability thing to the bank! Hope you will folks.
. . . . Ah this is good stuff ~ MOLA


One response to VULNERABILITY is a beast — but you can take it to the BANK!


    Love your writing, Monique! Your wonderful personality comes across crystal clear! Keep on, keeping on!

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