When you see me, do you see my shame? — Personal Growth for Powerful IMPACT!

March 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

You’re probably wondering — what the heck is Monique LaRue talking about today — I’m just sharing my heart — which is typical when something moves me to make a change in my life and energy.  So let me preface by saying, I’m not going to divulge any stories of my personal shame hence the title of my post — though I know that would be juicy commentary for many — I’ll save any conversation about that for later, if you care to hear.

The point of this post today is all about courage. The courage to face the shame and know that you are still capable of delivering a message of hope in-spite of your shame. I’m speaking to myself people.

Will I be judged for not being all “put together”? Some may say, but you’re the author of a new book — hmmmh? – like my last post on VULNERABILITY — shame is a extreme running second. But I’m working on that too….keep your heart open to healing ….. keep listening.

Oh and get the book! Daring Greatly. . . . . . . ~ MOLA

Daring Greatly


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