Be 100% Accountable ~ Day Four

July 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

100AccountableThis month has been, for me, a test of my faith and responsibility for being ACCOUNTABLE for my actions, past, present, and future. I can admit, with transparency, that most of my decisions over the years have not been the best! But what I WILL NOT do is cast BLAME on anyone else or anything for the decisions I made personally — got that lesson during a horrid divorce. Don’t worry I’m not going to talk about that. Good for you (LOL).

Here’s my point, make sure you:

1. Own Your Life 2. Overcome Limiting Beliefs, 3. Focus Your Energy 4. Grow Through Life

Is there anything else YOU NEED? If you have any other suggestions, chime in with your comments here…..let me tell it, THIS COVERS IT!


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