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Nonprofits focus on collaboration to meet heightened demand for services MiBiz Nonprofit leaders see great hope building organizational capacities through sharing administrative functions, such as evaluation, fundraising, executive staff and…

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Challenge Gift Drives and Corporate Matching Gifts
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Someone in your fundraising department realizes that now is a terrific opportunity to encourage giving by others.

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The Better Man Project ™

It’s easy to get a little bit lost these days. You can have all the desire, will, and enthusiasm in the world, but if you lack a clear direct end goal and vision then all of your efforts will resemble an uncontrolled lightning storm. Now, more than ever I need to paint that picture for myself. That feeling of floating goes against every strain in my body that is searching for a magnetic direction to follow. Let’s give it that direction.


Create a new era for yourself. Embark on a journey that you could never really be “ready” for. These paths we walk down when we take our first steps are always treacherous, challenging, but in the end, life changing. The challenging part of most of the path is not finding the courage to take steps forward, but instead fighting the urge to run backwards. Back to safety. Back to…

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100AccountableThis month has been, for me, a test of my faith and responsibility for being ACCOUNTABLE for my actions, past, present, and future. I can admit, with transparency, that most of my decisions over the years have not been the best! But what I WILL NOT do is cast BLAME on anyone else or anything for the decisions I made personally — got that lesson during a horrid divorce. Don’t worry I’m not going to talk about that. Good for you (LOL).

Here’s my point, make sure you:

1. Own Your Life 2. Overcome Limiting Beliefs, 3. Focus Your Energy 4. Grow Through Life

Is there anything else YOU NEED? If you have any other suggestions, chime in with your comments here…..let me tell it, THIS COVERS IT!


Believe It!

7mindsetsSeveral months ago I asked the Co-founder of the 7Mindsets, Scott Shickler, to speak to an audience at Kennesaw State University. Here’s what’s interesting, the event wasn’t as well attended as I had hoped. Disappointed, I decided to channel my energy in a different manner and change my mindset. What happened next was unexpected — I was introduced to 7Mindsets. Some of which, I unknowingly, had already been living — but the others I was acting counter to.

After the session, I approached Scott and shared how inspiring the message was for me and even for a group of 4 staff members — the message is still the same powerful message, even if it’s just for ONE.

The Magic Wand Foundation produces the power-packed summer summit, for teens, called the Ultimate Life Summit (ULS) and I’d been having a secret desire to attend since it began a few years back. More so because I wrote a book on Cultivating Critical Connections: A Guide for Creating Genuine Relationships and “We Are Connected” is one of the 7Mindsets (didn’t know that when I wrote my book). Feeling some serious synergy — I just walked up to Scott and said — I’m going to be at the next Ultimate Life Summit (ULS) this summer. His response to me was, “really, are you?” I said yup. Not even realizing how that was going to take place — but I was dreaming that nothing was impossible. Well what do you know, I participated this weekend as an educator in Ultimate Life University and I propose to you that it CHANGED MY LIFE.

OK I’m setting you up now. I could go on and on…but I’ll spare you and allow the 7Mindsets to speak to you personally. For the next 7 days take this journey of commitment and confirmation with me. Let’s see what happens.

ImageFor all the great opportunities that have come out of the traditional ways people “NETWORK”, It is my purpose to share with the Rockwell Collins African American Professionals Forum Network a NEW perspective on the essence of why and how they go about creating critical connections using my 3C-Technique Methodology.

It’s going to be awesome. I’m excited and I’m expecting! Expectations Folks! Expectations!

When you can make a difference, do. ~ Monique LaRue

When you can ma…

“. . .Connections can be made virtually anywhere, so when it comes to meeting people, don’t be afraid to extend yourself and DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW UP” ~ Greg Goldner (