MONIQUE LARUE’S talks are moving, interactive and useful, intended to help participants take instantaneous action. The Topics below can be delivered as a keynote, conference breakout session, webinar or in-house workshop. Customization of this talk can be developed at your request.

Cultivate Critical Connections: How to Create Genuine Relationships
Have you ever considered how significant your relationships are? I mean a serious look at them personally and professionally. Well if you haven’t, I suggest you make that a priority. We live in a society that is connection driven. We are all connected. What that means for all of us is that when we discover the essential elements of an authentic relationship and become proactive about keeping those relationships intact – MAGIC HAPPENS. Literally! Monique has developed an approach called the 3C-Technique Methodology which helps people craft a foundational vision statement for how they will make connections throughout their lives. This interactive conversation will guide you through a linear three-step process to complete an action plan that will change the trajectory of how you connect.  As a result of this interactive conversation, you will:

  1. Discover how your intentions for making connections has shaped the reality of your current relationships (Good, Bad & Ugly)
  2. Elevate the quality of your relationships
  3. Increase your potential for personal and professional growth
  4. Find purpose in your reason for making critical connections

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