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ImageFor all the great opportunities that have come out of the traditional ways people “NETWORK”, It is my purpose to share with the Rockwell Collins African American Professionals Forum Network a NEW perspective on the essence of why and how they go about creating critical connections using my 3C-Technique Methodology.

It’s going to be awesome. I’m excited and I’m expecting! Expectations Folks! Expectations!


Cultivate Critical Connections: A Guide for Creating Genuine Relationships is designed for college bound students and young adults who are at the start of building authentic relationships. I teach my readers how to nurture, evaluate, and sustain their connections in an easy to recall process called the 3C-Technique. I explain that their personal and professional growth depends on their original intention for developing relationships and that the benefits of those critical relationships can be the springboard to meaningful opportunities

At some point in our lives, we realize that we are who we are because of the critical connections we’ve made. When we take the time to create genuine connections, what we’re saying is that we value the people we are connecting with. The 3C-Technique approach– is simple and goes like this:

  • If we take the time to master how we cultivate relationships,
  • examine the fine details of what’s critical (authentic) in our relationships,
  • and then commit to the effort of keeping those connections intact, we can change the trajectory of our lives.

SARAH (Listen to her message about Eliminating Toxic People From Your Life) this is such a timely topic as we move into the new year. This year I’ve had quite a few toxic people in my life — the term toxic sounds a bit Rejuvanteharsh but it does get straight to the point — that I’ve had to make the difficult decision to let go. I do believe we must intentionally surround ourselves with like-minded folks.

Beginning in October every year, for the last 5 years, I normally will do something I call the RRR (Re-assess, Release, Rejuvenate) year-end exercise; one R for each month of that last quarter. It allows me the opportunity to evaluate my year and then do whatever is necessary to create my present, which will determine my future. Can’t go back — it’s already done, no use wasting time there.

In essence, I’ve found that releasing the things that are “toxic” can seem lonely (because it could mean someone or something you really love) — but darn it. . . it’s the most rejuvenating thing you will ever do. Thanks for sharing while I’m in my month of RELEASE. – This post was originally published in November 2012. I’m now REJUVENATING!